Off-track Betting and You

Let’s face it; most of us don’t even have the time to take our kids to school in the morning. If ever a time was busy, it was ours. We run day in and day out, signing deals, working hard, scribbling checks, making presentations and what not. Our lives have become so busy that we are unable to even catch our favorite shows on TV. No, we have DVR to record and store what we miss on the cable. There are times though when we feel we need to unwind. After all, we are not machines, no matter what our bosses may want us to believe.

Having a hobby helps a lot when trying to free one’s mind of stress. If you are the adventurous type, you can try betting on horse races. “But where is the time for that?” I hear you yell half in anger and half in defeat. Well, I know when I mention horse race betting your mind is filled with visions of huge race courses, with horses thundering down the turf and supporters screaming for blood. But come on, you record live TV on your DVR, but refuse to consider the possibility of slightly higher tech betting? You don’t have to leave your house to bet on horses; not anymore that is.

Off-track betting started in the 1970s when off-track betting parlors were given the green light by the authorities. After an initial period of discord, a nice agreement was worked out for everyone’s benefit, from the track owners to the parlor keepers. The idea was simple, if for some reason or another someone couldn’t make it to the actual tracks, they could walk into a betting parlor and place their bets there. Instead of seeing the horses live, the patrons would follow the action on a Totalizer and collect their dues after the race was over. This practice still takes place, although a few more options have been put into place for those who can’t grace the tracks with their presence. Online betting is fast becoming popular, for instance as is telephonic betting. You need not be afraid, though; both methods of betting are legal and safe. Your money won’t fall into the wrong hands and you won’t be duped. An added advantage with online betting is that you can really research your options to the T before jumping in. You can download all sorts of statistics on the competing horses; from their breed to their current and past form. Some portals even offer telephonic help lines for extra tips and such. So, if you are looking for a good stress buster, but can’t leave your home for one reason or another, go for off-track horse race betting. It will be lots of fun and if you are careful, will bring in some extra dough on the side.